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How To Become Like Christ

Almost two years ago I was driving in Birmingham and listening to a sermon by Dr. Bill Winston.  For some time the Spirit of God had been saying to me, "get ready."  During the sermon God showed me that "get ready" meant "become conformed to the image of Christ."  I began studying the subject and I saw that becoming conformed to the image of Christ is a master key to walking in all of your divine destiny.  That study culminated in me carefully reading all four Gospels to study Jesus and how to be like Him.  I highly encourage all of you to do that for yourselves. I could probably write for years on everything I've learned about Christ.  I plan to share some of the revelation God gave me.  But for now I want to simply show you how to be conformed to the image of Christ.  There are several very important points about change and transformation for Christians.  They include renovating the mind (from carnal to spiritual thinking) and putting off the