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Seeing All God's Best

While attending law school I was a member at Dr. Creflo Dollar's church in Atlanta, World Changers Church International.  It truly blows my mind to consider the events that brought me there, seemingly good and bad, all within God's divine plan for my life.  I received such an awesome spiritual education there that, while I did leave Atlanta with a law degree, I feel like I attended Bible school as well. Most of the members were very committed.  Dr. Dollar pulled no punches when exhorting us in our walks with God.  You were supposed to be at multiple services, going to all the conventions, reading your Word daily, and truly devoting your life to God.  He really does preach a total life devotion to Christianity.  I remember at the time wondering if such commitment was truly necessary.  Did I really need to be in church twice a week?  Did I really need to spend time with God every day?  Did I need to spend lots of time in the Bible?  I'm sure many others felt this way.