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Led By God's Spirit

A few weeks ago God told me that following the Holy Spirit will always lead to success. Since then I have been considering and meditating on that idea.What if you could do exactly as God wished 100% of the time. It's certainly possible according to Romans 8. I encourage you to study that passage carefully. It says that we are God's children and we can be led by God's Spirit. It even says that we can fulfill the righteousness of the law, if we walk in the Spirit. God has now empowered us to please Him perfectly, something we could never do without the Holy Spirit. But it's about more than just pleasing God, it's about living the life God has for us, every part of it. We know God has plans for us. We know God wants us to be changed by His Spirit and conformed to the image of Christ. We know God has prepared good works for us to do. We know God wants us to have certain things. What if you walked in the full measure of all these. I'm certainly not t