We Should Dominate

Let me start by briefly discussing meditation. I'm simply can't overstate the importance of meditating God's Word. Read Joshua 1 and Psalm 1. Meditation is about repeating the scripture to yourself, focusing on different parts of it, and visualizing the words and images in your mind. Sure there may be other parts, but those are the basics. You can do this any time, but it really helps to do so in an atmosphere of quiet prayer and focus on God. Meditation opens the scripture to you in a supernatural way. Somehow your brain is triggered and influenced by the Holy Spirit to make associations and expand your understanding of the text. If you never meditate God's Word, I promise you are missing out. Meditating God's Word also opens you to the leading and voice of God's Spirit. Meditation leads to revelation.

I was recently meditating the general themes of my last post, God's Amazing Goodness. I thought about all God has done for us. He has given us His Spirit, the Name of Jesus, His love, faith, grace, His joy, His peace, the list goes on and on. I believe that while meditating God's Spirit spoke to me by way of revelation. Let me also note that when I say I received a revelation, that doesn't mean it's new or outside of scripture, it's simply a truth that has now been revealed to my spirit beyond the means of my physical senses. What is revealed to me today may be old news for you. But I do believe I'm supposed to share the revelation God gives me (and I would like to hear what God reveals to you).

I believe God said to me that, given everything He has done for us, we are equipped and empowered and we should dominate this life on the earth. That's right, I believe that by using the principles and realities of God and His Word we can dominate this life and every situation that comes our way. I don't mean that we dominate so we can be great; I mean we dominate so God's will can be done on the earth, as we are His ambassadors and the carriers of Jesus' ministry today.

I'm sure some of you are already rejecting this, but that's o.k. One time I heard Dr. Christian Harfouche, a minister I greatly respect, say something similar to the following, "I would rather raise up ten champions than thousands or ordinary, do nothing Christians." I'm determined to be a champion. I'm determined to do exploits for God. I hope you are too.

What more could we possibly need. Time would fail me to write of all God has done for us, to write of all God has promised us. As I mentioned earlier, another Dr. Harfouche quote, "We are not called to lay down and die, but to rise up and shine!" I'm not simply waiting for Heaven; I'm determined to use everything God has given me to see His will furthered on the earth.

You get the point. We have the Holy Spirit that will give us power and wisdom for every situation. If we will determine to walk according to His leading 100% of the time then there are simply no limits to what we could accomplish for God. I'm ready to put that statement into action, and I admit that has not been my life. But it will be now. That's a hard commitment, and I'm sure from time to time I will miss the mark, but I'm going to keep trying and I will get better at it by God's grace (favor and empowerment).

I had this revelation of domination several days ago, and then in Church on Sunday I considered it again. I thought to myself how this is sort of an ultimate revelation, that if Christians would take this we could change the world, and what further could we learn. But I knew that was wrong, even in my mind. I believe that is wrong because I think we could study the Bible for a million years and never learn all that is contained within, and thoughts on dominating this life are just the surface. Then God spoke to me again. He said, "If you simply grasped that, where you could succeed in every endeavor and not constantly focus on your own situations, just think of what I could then show you."


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