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God Will Provide

If you've been reading this blog you know that almost two years ago my former employer said that he was closing the business and I should consider new jobs. That time was difficult for our family as my wife was pregnant with our first child and we weren't sure what to do. Since that time we have truly endeavored to follow God's leading in all of our actions, especially concerning business and finances. It hasn't always been easy, but we've seen God mightily move during this season. I basically practice law out of my house. God has supernaturally provided clients and opportunities so that we have experienced no lack, no not for an instant. In fact, we have more money and have given more to the kingdom than in previous seasons. All the glory goes to God. But honestly I don't believe I will practice law as I do today forever. I'm not exactly sure what I will do, but I know God will provide, and that's the point I felt led to discuss today. In prayer this

Godly Business

Recently I finished my largest case as a lawyer. It was essentially a $9 million breach of contract case and I represented the defendant. I'm a sole practitioner and I was up against an attorney at an established firm who has been a partner about as long as I've been alive. Early in the litigation an issue arose that would largely determine the case's proceedings. I spent about three full days preparing for the hearing. I was tempted to fear. In fact, I probably suffered a mini-panic attack the weekend before my preparations started. On the way to the courthouse I was praying in tongues and asking God for favor and wisdom, and God communicated to me. It wasn't words that I heard, more of an impression really, but the best way I can describe it would be that God told me, "you must call down the supernatural." I realized right then that God would help me, but I had to invite Him into the situation by prayer and faith (and walking in love and staying out of stri