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I've been thinking about the idea of change for months now. I've essentially stumbled upon (by God's grace) one of the greatest realities of Christianity. Like most revelations, this is obvious and old news to many people, but it's essentially new and exciting to me. So I want to share it with you. For her birthday I got my wife a card that basically said I'm a lucky man to have my life. This is true, and while she's wonderful, I have to give God all the glory for my life. However, there are numerous things I would change. I would change where we live, for example. My point is that when I think about change, my first thought goes to things outside myself, and things that I could change through my own efforts. But there is another type of change, one that I've discovered and find far more exciting, and that's the change that's occurring in me. I'm sure I've touched on this before, but today let's discuss it in greater detail. Let's