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Death To The Old Man

My dad used to talk about listening to a particular Christian tape series so many times the tapes broke. He knew the material on those tapes would change his life. Sometimes you have to do that. I listen to a lot of preaching on CD. I'll get a new set, and my mind wants to get through them all for some feeling of accomplishment. But often I don't fully digest what's said. It's like when you walk out of church and can't remember the sermon. But you must listen to some sermons until you get it. I've found the first set of such sermons for me. Years ago a friend gave me lessons 6 through 12 of Dr. Christian Harfouche's International Miracle Institute teaching on New Creation Realities. I listened to Lesson 6 several times, but only recently have I listened to the others. Essentially, these sermons describe our new life in Christ, how we must disassociate from the old, flesh-ruled person we used to be, and how we must embrace the grace, power and new reality av