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Embrace Your New Reality

I've been really excited lately about all God's showing me in His Word.  There are so many verses that we read over without truly realizing the power or reality they contain.  For example, God says that we are delivered from the power of darkness (Colossians 1:3).  Have you ever taken the time to really consider that? God is saying that the devil, all his demons, and every sin and evil thing have absolutely no power over our lives.  Praise God!  There are so many more such verses, verses we need to meditate and receive by faith so that we can live out God's best for our lives. We can't go through everything I've been studying lately in this one post, but I encourage you to read this one and the next few.  They are going to be awesome (as they all are, of course).  Today I want to consider those verses about our status as new creations in Christ Jesus.  We, in fact, are new beings.  God has made us in the image of Jesus Christ and we now have a new nature and life i