Night of Joy

On Friday September 10 I went to the Night of Joy at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Being from Tampa, I've attended the event many times, even since my childhood. But this was the best year I can remember, so I thought to write a short post about it.

Night of Joy occurs every year, I believe about the same time. It features a number of popular Christian artists on several stages throughout the park. The rides are nearly all running, and you can even get there early to ride them before the concerts start.

For a while it seemed that Night of Joy had fallen off a bit. Last year they moved it to Disney's Hollywood Studios, a smaller theme park. The turnout was weak and the overall experience not nearly the same. But this year they brought it back to Disney World proper in style, with a sellout crowd, Chris Tomlin and (my personal favorite) The David Crowder Band. I also watched Barlow Girl, which put on a great 45 minute show to end the night.

I really want to encourage you to attend some Christian events or concerts in your area. I find them so refreshing. I saw many people, all ages, all ethnicities, worshiping our God. Sometimes we go through our days and feel so alone. Sometimes I feel like we Christians are so few against the masses. But no matter our numbers, we worship the One True God.

When you find yourself among thousands of other Christians you will feel encouraged and comforted. I feel that way especially at Christian concerts. Psalm 22 verse 3 says God inhabits the praises of His people. And Jesus said that where two or more are gathered in His Name, He is there. God was at the Night of Joy, right there with us as we sang His praises.

I don't know Disney's motives for having the Night of Joy. Maybe it's just a money making device. But so what? They provide a place for many thousands to gather and worship. I thank God for Night of Joy, and all the bands and people who make it happen. I thank God that we still have a country where we can join and worship in huge public places. We have so much we don't even think to thank Him for.

I left encouraged. I left excited. The Bible says we shouldn't forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Hebrews 10:25). I know many people use this as God's Word commanding Church attendance, and I'm not saying I disagree. But my point is that God knows we need each other. God knows that coming together and fellowshipping encourages us and builds us up spiritually. I'm sure gathering with other Christians has many other benefits, and I'm sure it's something we shouldn't neglect.

So attend church regularly. And whenever you can, attend a large Christian event in your area. Feel free to email me if you need help finding such an event. May God bless you, and thank you for reading.

Check out the short video below of The David Crowder Band's awesome show, right on the steps of the castle in the middle of the park. No comment on the voice you hear singing.  The video quality is weak, but it's worth watching just so you can see that it was an impressive show.


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