Keep Going

I used to play a video game called “Big Buck Hunter,” or something like that. There were several variations revolving around which type of animal you hunted. It had an orange shotgun and you would move from one wilderness scene to the next. After each scene, if you did well enough to continue, the narrator would say very distinctly, “Keep Going.” More than ever I hear those words ringing in my head. My stepmother sometimes discusses how certain things stay with you for a reason. I believe my spiritually renewed mind remembers this especially when the going gets tough.

As you know my wife and I are going through some trying times. I just can’t describe in full detail how the Lord told me not to worry, then I worried, and now I see there was never any reason to worry. We have to develop a mental framework for going through trials. We all know that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. Do you feel like you’ve been delivered from every affliction? You actually probably do. Think how the Lord has protected you and blessed you. Think of all the times you were stressed to the max, only to see the situation work out. Maybe you didn’t see it as a miraculous solution at the time, but now looking back you can say that the Lord delivered you and it was all no big deal.

Remember when you didn’t see enough money to cover all your bills. I’m sure you can remember having that feeling many times. Can’t you think of a time years ago when you felt that? I know I can. But sure enough, here I am today. The collector never came calling, I never had to file for bankruptcy, somehow I just supernaturally had enough. You can’t always see how you are going to make it through a situation. You can’t see all the steps in the flesh, call this guy, do this side work, get that extra check in the mail. You can’t see those things if God doesn’t give you a revelation by the Holy Ghost. But what you can see is God’s Word, which promises that God will never leave you or forsake you, and that God will always make all grace abound to you so that you will always have all sufficiency.

So think about that. What if your AC breaks today and you are looking at $1,000.00+ in additional bills. What are you going to do? You can’t see (in the flesh) extra money coming. You can’t see your current money actually being enough? You simply can’t see God’s provision. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. In fact, you have the more sure Word, which should be just as good to you as seeing the actual provision. (But man we know that is tough .)

So let’s say I get that AC bill, what am I going to do? In the past I would fret and worry and stress all the way to the day of the credit card payment. But now I’m learning I don’t need to act that way. If by worry I can’t add one cubit to my stature, I sure can’t by worry add one dollar to my bank account. So from this day forward, in the name of Jesus Christ, I’m done with worry. (Wow, another statement easier said than done!) But here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to recall to mind God’s promises, which I HAVE NEVER SEEN FAIL ME.

I’m going to recite those promises before myself, before my family, before my house. My little dog is so filled with the Word that when she starts talking satan better look out. I’m going to remember that God is true. I’m going to trust Him, and I’m going to rest in His love. If I need to do anything, God will tell me. I trust God that if I need to do anything to ensure a more physical manifestation of His promises, He will tell me.

I have come correct on my worrying, and yes I have cast the cares upon God. In fact, let’s talk about that briefly. I can’t tell you how often people have asked when my house sale will close. In fact, in the Name of Jesus Christ it’s going to close this Friday. I had a dream that my father and I were going around a fenced property. He asked me if the house was going to close. I said, “Praise God, it’s going to close and be alright.” The next thing I knew I was going right through that fence, and I was high up in the car, almost like riding in a tank right onto the land.

I know God was telling me that when I vocally demonstrate trust in Him, and when I cast my cares and confidence onto Him, that doing so will supernaturally propel me victoriously into where I’m trying to go. By doing so I went right through the barrier and into the place. Praise God. I’ll never forget that.

So here we are, closer, but not quite there in the flesh. Here is the time to “Keep Going.” Have you been waiting a long time for something? Have you been going through a rough season for a while? I know you’ve been using your faith and praying and trusting God. But now it’s time to keep going. Now it’s time to shout God’s promises whenever you feel the temptation to worry. Now it’s time, to yourself, in the car, in the shower, whenever you think of it, just to say, “Thank you God. I trust you God. I know that your promises are true and it’s going to be alright.”

You know the saying, “When the going gets tough the tough get going.” Well I’m sure that’s true, but the reality is that as the going stays tough then the really tough keep going. We not only have to start strong when a problem arises, but we have to continue strong and finish strong.

God never called us to fret or worry. God never tells us to constantly strategize how to solve all of our problems. God tells us to listen and obey. God promises us sufficiency, God promises us food, clothing, housing, and everything we need. Think how much more He has promised. He will never fail or forsake you. Keep going, praise God, it’s going to be alright.


  1. Anonymous6/30/2012

    Thank you. This helped me in my time of need. May G-d sustain you and continue to bless you.


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