You Have To Let Go

I can't say how this idea hit me and I'm not sure I can put it completely into words, because frankly it just might go beyond words. But it came to me the other day and I know it's of God. You know I've been thinking about offense and not getting mad when people wrong you. I've also been considering not treating people according to their wrongs, and even blessing those who curse you. Then I started thinking about preferring others, and how we should work to regularly better the lives of those around us.

So I was thinking about these topics and revelation came. It was revelation because it's really several logical steps beyond where I was. I'm not sure how to draw a logical or perfect Scriptural map to the idea I'm going to present. But I believe it's powerful, and I know it's of God, so I need to share it.

You know how there are some verses that are so powerful we basically don't know what to say if we discussed really applying them and living by them? I mean some verses, when frankly considered, will leave you scared at what they mean for your life. Maybe that doesn't happen to you, but it does me. When I read the Bible, I'm measuring myself to it, and when I don't measure up, I have to count the cost.

If any verses have ever scared me, not in an ungodly fear sense, but in the sense of - "well, [sigh], this is going to be hard" - it's the quoted verses below. When you read these verses, put yourself up next to them, take a moment, read them again, and consider.

"If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for My sake, the same shall save it." Luke 9:23-24

Here's what I'm trying to say, and I really think I need you to close your eyes and imagine after you read this -

What if you could completely put down the flesh in its every sense? What if you could literally, in your mind, separate your flesh from your spirit, and then truly live after the dictates of the spirit.

I know, it's so hard to use words to paint this picture. Let me say this, if you are trying to walk and live in the spirit, then you must understand that disregarding the flesh is an integral step in that.

Your spirit is born again. Your spirit is in union and one with God. Your spirit is perfect and righteous and sinless. God can communicate freely with your spirit. Your spirit wants only God's perfect will. In fact, your spirit is now the real you. Your spirit just lives in a body because it must to be here on Earth. You also have a soul, which consists of your mind, will and emotions. So what if you could live and walk in the spirit, and literally give it the total ascendency, so that any conflict between spirit and soul or spirit and body would be resolved in favor of the spirit?

Now to make it a bit more concrete - what if, under the leading of the Holy Spirit which guides your spirit, you could literally lay down the flesh? Imagine being a completely love-ruled person. Imagine walking through life as a blessing to others. You never get unrighteously angry. You never get offended. You are always joyful. You are always laying your life down. You are blessing others and constantly looking for ways to bless others. You minister, you lay hands, you witness.

You aren't interested in sinful things because you are after the spirit and you are minding the things of the spirit. You are strong; you are energized to study, to worship, to pray. What if, as some put it, you could begin living from the inside out? You are guided and led by God's Spirit. You have laid down your life, your preferences, your desires.

The idea that just can't be contained in words is this idea of separation of spirit from flesh. Just like we are in the world but not of the world. You are in the flesh but not of the flesh. You are dead to sin but alive to God. You are crucified with Christ, yet you live. Only because Christ lives do you live. You have crucified the flesh with its affections and lusts.

What if you could literally begin living a different type of existence? If you could separate yourself from the flesh, completely laying it down, even to the point of not worrying about your own provision (which we were never told to do, see Matthew 6)? Could you completely place your life in God's hands?

Could you say to yourself, "I am here to be a blessing to the world. I don't seek my own, but I constantly seek for others. I am not here for me, but for others. God has me; I'm going to work for them. It is no longer I that live, but Christ lives in me."?

I tell you what, we talk about being after the image of Christ, and trying to be more Christ-like, but I honestly believe I'm starting to understand that now. You want to be fiery and bold and lead the masses to overthrow the ungodly systems of this world. Maybe one day that is God's plan for you. But first you must become a servant. First you must humble yourself and bless those who will never deserve it. First you must pour out yourself to feed and cover and clothe and heal and bless.

You must lay your life down as a sacrifice. That is what Jesus did. That is what it means to be like Christ. Now, Jesus didn't mean lay your entire existence down. But Jesus says that if you will lay down your former fleshy and temporal life, you will pick up your everlasting spiritual and supernatural life (See John 12:25 and look at the Greek).

I know what I'm saying makes sense, but to ever get there you must receive it by revelation. Study the Scriptures, especially about putting yourself down to lift others, and the Gospel, up. Pray and meditate on being like Christ. Will you lose your life so that you can save it?

Saints, I'm not one who will bash this church or that church. I'm not going to bash the American church v. the African church or anything like that. But I believe we can start to see something, shall we say, supernatural. To put it simply, I believe we are going to see Christians walking in the same demonstration of power and authority that Christ showed while on the earth. Remember He said, "My Father in Me, He doeth the works."

God worked in Jesus, and God will work in us. Yes, God has been working in men and women ever since Jesus, but I believe we're going to get back the full measure. Jesus said greater works shall we do. The world doesn't need another Billy Graham or Mother Teresa. The world needs Jesus, and it needs Him in you and I and everywhere.

If we truly laid aside every weight, if we truly matured, what would happen, what would God do through us? I aim to find out, and I hope you do too.


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