Tell Us Your Exploits!

This site is dedicated to helping people do great things for God.  What have you done for God lately?  How has God used you?  Did you deliver a confirmation word to a praying preacher?  Did you give a pizza to someone who later revealed they had no food.  Did you lay hands on the sick and see them recover?  What did the Holy Spirit lead you to do?  We want to know about it.  God has prepared good works for us to walk in, we must find them and walk in them (Ephesians 2:10).  If we share our stories we can inspire others.  God has assignments for all Christians, and there is no thrill like knowing you have done something GOD asked you to do. 

I will give you one quick personal example.  I went to law school at Emory in Atlanta.  While there God told me to start a Bible study.  He then told me to invite a Jewish professor to that study.  We had a good relationship, I did well in his classes, but he is Jewish.  I couldn't believe God wanted me to do that.  But I did it.  The professor, after other talks, told me he had cancer.  I was able to give him the book Healing Promises by Kenneth Copeland, which contains many scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments regarding God's promises of healing.  Then something else happened, he had a case helping a Christian aid organization.  He asked me to assist.  So, by me being obedient to do what felt crazy, God opened a door for the man to receive His Word, and God gave me an opportunity to use my legal education for Christian purposes.  Glory to God. 

So tell us what God asked you to do?  Tell us about your exploits for God.


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