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on 2/14/2010

Thank you for your interest in donating to our efforts at Exploits for God.  We appreciate your donations beyond words but please don't consider them tax-deductible.  We are still seeking God about His plans for EFG and EFG does not meet the legal requirements for tax-deductible donations at this time.  Should you feel led by God to contribute to our ministry efforts despite this, please feel free to use the link below to contribute any amount you wish.

We love you and may God abundantly bless you, Byron and Shannon Howell


Graham said...

How do I donate? I don't see a link.

Byron Howell said...

Thank you for your interest in making a donation. If you would like to donate we would love to receive your donation (and thank you very much) but please don't consider it tax-deductible. I'm going to set up the link so we can easily receive your support through PayPal very soon.

Thank you again, Byron

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