God Keeps Promises

on 1/28/2010

More than ever before I find myself researching God's promises and standing upon them. I know that all of God's promises are "yes and amen" in Christ (2 Co 1:20), but unfortunately I haven't always seen them manifest in my life exactly how I would like. I'm sure that's never happened to you, but for whatever reason I don't think my life always displays everything Christ died on the cross to give me. Now my wife and I are believing God for children, and you'll find us studying and praying as much as ever.

Like a chicken under the mother hen's wing (Mat 23:37), I feel God protecting and guiding us through this season. The number of verses brought to my remembrance by the Holy Spirit concerning the subject blesses and astounds me. Last night during worship at our church I know God reminded me of Abraham and Sarah. After meditating the subject I realize I never truly grasped something immeasurably important to my faith in God's Word.

Heb 11:11 - Through faith also Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because she judged him faithful who had promised.

Who promised that Abraham and Sarah would have a child, GOD! Who promised all of these promises that I'm standing on? GOD! God personally promises me that none would be barren or miscarry in my land (Exo 23:26). God personally promised me that my wife would be a fruitful vine and I would see my children's children (Psa 128). God personally promised me that my children will be taught of Him and have great peace (Isa 54:13). God personally promised me that He will empower my body to have children (Gen 1:28, Php 2:13). GOD IS MY PROMISOR!

God makes us so many wonderful promises, but I never saw the power of the revelation that He personally backs and guarantees them. Now, like Sara, I have to judge Him faithful. I have to believe His Word. I have to trust Him to bring it to pass.

And do you know why I can trust God to manifest His promises in my life? Because God is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that He should repent. When God says it, He does it. When God speaks, He makes it good (Num 23:19). Because God is alert and active, watching over His Word to perform it (Jer 1:12 AMP). Because God is not slack concerning his promises, as some men count slackness (2 Pe 3:9). Because God has magnified His Word even above His own Name (Psa 138:2).

Abraham was fully persuaded that God could perform what He promised, and God was so honored by that He imputed that to Abraham for righteousness (Rom 4:21-22). AND GOD PERFORMED THE PROMISE. GLORY TO GOD.

Never again will I be weak in faith and stagger at God's promises through unbelief. I'm going to get strengthened by faith, as I give glory to God. I judge God faithful concerning all His promises. God's hand is not waxed short. I will see God's Word come to pass (Num 11:23). Let God be true and every man a liar (Rom 3:4). There will not fail one Word of all His promises (1 Ki 8:56).

Whatever your situation, go to God's Word and find His promises concerning it. Remember that in Christ all God's promises are "yes" and "so be it." They are fully available to those covered by Jesus' blood. Remember to be faithful and patient (Heb 6:12). Judge God faithful, and watch Him perform all His Word to you.


Storks, Bananas, and Atheists

on 1/23/2010

Recently I watched a series of videos regarding atheism, particularly those featuring Mr. Richard Dawkins, a leading evolutionist and atheist. I want to briefly discuss an absurd position in the very foundation of basic evolution theory, and to help you become more fully convinced for yourself.

In the first video (no need to watch, but in case you're curious) - you will see Mr. Dawkins discuss the preacher Ray Comfort's thoughts on the banana.  Mr. Dawkins then indicates he won't debate a creationist because that would be like a reproductive scientist (the evolutionist) debating an advocate of "Stork Theory" (the creationist). I have included the text of Mr. Comfort's statement below, and I admit, if you only discuss the portion Mr. Dawkins does (the second paragraph), Mr. Comfort's argument seems quite absurd. But read the full text and you'll see Mr. Comfort's point. 

Now Mr. Dawkins, as you can see in his interview with Ben Stein featured below, takes issue with creationists because he says creationists believe that all of life, all of the universe, everything that exists, came from nothing. He basically says something cannot come from nothing, and therefore God cannot be real and creation theory cannot be true.  But what is simply amazing is that Mr. Dawkins openly acknowledges that evolution cannot explain the original existence of anything, and that neither can any of science.

Now let me briefly discuss worldly science's current view on the universe's origin as best as I understand it, and please remember I was an English major.  Essentially, worldly science believes that the formation of the universe as we know it began with the Big Bang. Stephen Hawking, world famous theoretical physicist, now believes that the Big Bang was a "singularity," or a reverse black hole.  Whereas a regular black hole sucks in, a singularity spews out.  Now that sounds simple, but then it can get incredibly complicated, with quantum mechanics (particle movement) and string theory.  But worldly science has no explanation for the origin of the stuff that the singularity spewed out, it just was somewhere else and now it is here.  Worldly science has no answer for the original existence of all things, nor does it pretend to.

So what is the glaring, in fact blindingly clear, inconsistency?  Evolutionists fault creationists because they say we believe something came out of nothing.  But that is exactly what they believe.  They have zero explanation for the original origin of anything.  And they admit this.  They want you to believe that the universe, in one form or another (atom, particle, Big Bang, or whatever) has always existed.  They want you to believe it had no creation, but that it always has been.  But that means that this "something" that we call our entire universe, came from nothing. 

And this is where the atheists and evolutionists and worldly scientists find themselves.  Their entire thought process bends back on itself and sucks into itself as if it were a black hole of logic.  They want to explain the origin of everything, really by trying to debunk true explanations, yet they can't explain the original origin of anything.  They will search deeper and deeper, trust me they will, and they will get farther and farther into atom smashers and particle behavior and reactions, but they will never find what they seek, because they have already closed the door to the truth.

Mr. Dawkins likens us to advocates of stork theory, saying that we believe everything comes from nothing, that we have no science. But don't you see, he is the stork theorist. He believes something comes from nothing. He believes everything comes from nothing.  He has no science to back his claims that everything always was.  In fact, the idea that it was always here, and therefore somehow materialized from nothing, defies science. He has nothing. The devil has him defeated in an endless, circular, logical prison, and he has no idea. Sure, we can talk all day about how men look like monkeys.  BUT WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM? 

"The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'" (Psalm 53:1)

Mr. Dawkins, while mocking Mr. Comfort's discussions on the banana, misses the real point. The miracle is not the banana's features, but that the banana exists at all. Moreover, Mr. Dawkins incorrectly states the creationist view, at least the Christian one. We do not believe God came out of nothing, but rather that God always was and always will be. Nothing can originally come from nothing. But God can create anything, and God did create everything.  God always was, and everything else came from Him.

Do not be deceived.  You did not come from nothing.  This universe did not come from nothing.  God, in His infinite wisdom, and in His eternal existence, created the Heavens and the Earth.  And He created you too.  Look around outside anytime, anywhere, and say to yourself, "Everything I see just happened."  See if you really believe it.

See here the text of Mr. Comfort's banana discussion:

"It's my theory of where the soda can may have come from. Billions of years ago, there was a big bang in space. Nobody knows what caused the big bang, it just happened. And from this bang issued this huge rock, on top of the rock was found a sweet, brown bubbly substance. And over millions of years, aluminum crept up the side, formed itself with a can and a lid and then a tab. And then millions of years later, red paint, blue paint, white paint fell from the sky and formed itself into the words '12 fluid ounces - Do not litter'."
"You're saying, 'What are you doing, you're insulting my intellect' - and so I am. Because we know, if the can is made there must be a maker. If it's designed there must be a designer. To believe the soda can happened by chance is to move into an intellectual-free zone... is to have an echo when you think... is to have brain liposuction"

"Behold, the atheists' nightmare. Now if you study a well-made banana, you'll find, on the far side, there are 3 ridges. On the close side, two ridges. If you get your hand ready to grip a banana, you'll find on the far side there are three grooves, on the close side, two grooves. The banana and the hand are perfectly made, one for the other. You'll find the maker of the banana, Almighty God, has made it with a non-slip surface. It has outward indicators of inward contents - green, too early - yellow, just right - black, too late. Now if you go to the top of the banana, you'll find, as with the soda can makers have placed a tab at the top, so God has placed a tab at the top. When you pull the tab, the contents don't squirt in your face. You'll find a wrapper which is biodegradable, has perforations. Notice how gracefully it sits over the human hand. Notice it has a point at the top for ease of entry. It's just the right shape for the human mouth. It's chewy, easy to digest and its even curved toward the face to make the whole process so much easier. Seriously, Kirk, the whole of creation testifies to the genius of God's creation."


Christians, Healthcare, and Abortion

on 1/19/2010

I know that calling the current political climate "charged" would be a major understatement.  I won't begin to discuss the countless issues and viewpoints that find homes in our homes via the news each night.  But certain political matters do interest me, particularly when they concern religion.  Now we all know that well-meaning Christians have every possible viewpoint on every possible issue, so in most cases we want to respect the opinions of Christians whose opinions may differ from ours.  Yet I saw something so powerful, so relevant, so awesome, in God's Word that I have to mention it here.

If any of you have watched the news over the past week, you may have seen that an issue arose in the Massachusetts Senate election where one of the candidates discussed religious freedom and abortion.  The candidate basically suggested that doctors should check their religious opinions at the door when they get to work, and administer the "morning after abortion pill" when appropriate, regardless of their beliefs.  Well, to those Christians in the healthcare industry who may face such a dilemma, the Bible gives at least one story as encouragement.  Let's look at what some of God's people who worked in the healthcare industry did when they were commanded to kill babies:

"And the king of Egypt spake to the Hebrew midwives . . . And he said, When ye do the office of a midwife to the Hebrew women, and see them upon the stools; if it be a son, then ye shall kill him: but if it be a daughter, then she shall live.  But the midwives feared God, and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the men children alive.  And the king of Egypt called for the midwives, and said unto them, Why have ye done this thing, and have saved the men children alive?  And the midwives said unto Pharaoh, Because the Hebrew women are not as the Egyptian women; for they are lively, and are delivered ere the midwives come in unto them.  Therefore God dealt well with the midwives: and the people multiplied, and waxed very mighty.  And it came to pass, because the midwives feared God, that he made them houses."
Exodus 1:15-21

How awesome is that.  The Hebrew midwives feared God and refused to kill the Hebrew babies.  God even gave them words to tell the king so they wouldn't get in trouble.  (Don't get all hung up on the fact that they probably lied to him, you can see God was fine with it because He blessed them.)  These women refused to kill.  They feared God, and they refused to do what they knew was wrong in God's eyes.  So God protected them in their work.  Moreover, look at how God blessed them.  Because they protected the families of others, God gave them families of their own.  What an awesome God we serve!
I used to think that the only laws God would let us disobey are ones forbidding worship of Him or requiring worship of another.  Well now we have another example of God blessing disobedience to a terrible law, for the commandment of the king was law.  I would never advocate random disobedience, but I know that when a law of man contravenes a law of God, then the law of God controls. 
If this situation ever applies to you, and I pray that it doesn't, then remember the Hebrew midwives.  Fear and trust God.  Don't do anything you know God believes to be wrong.  Do what you know is right.  God will protect you and God will bless you.  In our lives, God is on the highest throne, no one else.



on 1/02/2010

Recently I heard about a Bible study program for the computer called e-Sword. I quickly checked it out, but I didn't download it or research it further. But I kept considering it and finally I felt like God was leading me to it.  I am glad He did, and I thank Him for reminding me.

Quite simply, e-Sword is awesome. When I really want to study God's Word I need several websites (Bible Gateway, and language sites) and several books (Bible, Strong's, dictionary). That means I can waste some serious time switching between materials. Now I have all those and more in one program. In one simple window I have everything I need, and I don't even need an internet connection (after initial download).  E-Sword is also very customizable.  In only a few minutes I built my ultimate personal Bible study program. I have all my favorite translations.  I added a dictionary of Bible names and some commentaries. I also grabbed a collection of maps. There are dozens of more materials for free and some for a small fee.

The features and functions really take away my need for the websites. With only a few clicks I can search for words, phrases, or other items in every manner I want. Not only that, I can quickly do things that previously took lots of time. With one click I can instantly compare numerous translations of one verse. With a few more clicks I can create my own parallel Bible.

This will revolutionize and drastically enhance my Bible studies. I am so appreciative to Rick Meyers for developing this and giving it freely to all. May God abundantly bless him for this work. Check out the picture of it above so you can get an idea (click then maximize for clearer reading). Then click the link below to download it.

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