A friend recently told me about an awesome ministry that focuses on helping orphans, LUO.  Based in Georgia, these young and committed Christians have partnerships with organizations in South Africa and Nicaragua.  They saw the needs of the poorest in the world, the impoverished orphans who have nothing and no one to help them.  Then they started helping.

How many of us see needs all the time.  Just today I passed a family selling water roadside to help pay the bills.  Need is all around us, and most of us are blessed to be able to help some needs of others.  We can't help everyone, we can't do everything.  But if we listen to God, He will put a powerful stirring in our heart for some particular need.  We must listen to the Holy Spirit, for He will guide us into our area of ministry, into our calling.  We may not all be called to a pulpit, but we are all called to share the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  What need breaks your heart more than all the others?  I'll bet God calls you to help satisfy it. 

Well this couple heard God's call and found the need they would help, the world's orphans.  Now they are building a mighty ministry to serve God's children.  They focus on nutrition, Biblical curriculum, academic education, and medical care.  They want to help empower these children and raise them to new levels, so they can escape the bondage of poverty.    

I almost hate to go there, but I'm so excited to read their story and see their (approximate) ages.  I am probably just two or three years older, and I don't buy for one second that Christ is losing our generation or the generations to come.  There is a powerful move of God in our generation.  The world says Christianity decreases, but we know it increases with the increase of God.  Sometimes you can't see it, but it always continues.  I believe as you continue reading these posts you will hear more about young couples like this, the next generation of the world's Christian leaders.  Glory to God. 

Please visit the LUO website.  Also check out the LUO blog, available both on blogger and on the blog page on their main website.  Get stirred up, get encouraged.  Pray for their ministry and the orphans.  Pray to God that He would show you where you can help in this world.  When you find the area where God calls you to minister, and you actually start helping, you truly begin feeling complete. 


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