Dr. Nasir K. Siddiki

I like to watch the Trinity Broadcasting Network's telethon whenever it comes on. To help raise money for their ministry, they have some of the world's most well known Christian ministers teach on finances (and other subjects) while they have open phone lines for donation. The ministers receive nice amounts of time to really delve into God's Word and preach. The average show on TBN lasts 25 minutes or so, but each minister usually preaches for at least an hour during the telethon. Watching this will expose you to powerful teaching and new ministers which can contribute to your Christian life.

I first heard the preaching of Dr. Nasir Siddiki during this telethon.  He spoke powerfully about the Biblical laws of seedtime and harvest.  He has the type of anointing that I can listen to for hours.  He preaches quickly and powerfully, filling his sermon with Scriptural references and useful anecdotes. 

I believe one way I sense the anointing is when I hear the combination of true conviction, Scriptural reference and speed of speech.  Sure you can say that such ministers simply have good public speaking skills, and that these traits don't evidence the anointing.  But I don't buy that.  I believe the Holy Spirit speaks fluidly and intently and powerfully.  There is a popular charge against many megachurch ministers today, that they simply have great rhetorical skills.  I think that is a perversion of the truth.  I think many of these ministers, which God uses mightily, have the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit has great rhetorical skills.  It just may be that the doubters haven't ever sat under a minister with the true influence of the Holy Spirit.  (I also believe Paula White has a powerful witness of the Holy Spirit when she preaches, which witness evidences these traits.  I'm aware of the public problems which have occurred in her life.  No need to mention them, I believe she is a powerful teacher and awesome ministry gift.)

Dr. Siddiki has the traits of a powerful, anointed, Holy Spirit preacher in abundance.  When I first saw him on tv, I sat and was blessed for nearly 45 minutes without distraction.  It was like the Holy Spirit was speaking right to me.  He knows, as well as any one, God's Word and God's laws when it comes to Biblical finance.  I would highly recommend his book, Kingdom Principles of Financial Increase.  His life and ministry have demonstrated a commitment to God's Word and seedtime and harvest, and God has blessed him.

Dr. Siddiki and his wife, Anita, also know a great deal about God's healing power.  Both tapped into this power to recover from completely debilitating diseases.  Much like with Brother Kenneth E. Hagin, God raised them both from the bed of sickness to deliver His message to the world.  God healed them so they could preach freedom from sickness and poverty to millions.   Dr. Siddiki, born into a muslim family, called out to God from his deathbed, asking a God he didn't know for healing.  God answered his cry and raised him up a Christian convert and ministry gift to the world. 

Dr. Siddiki now travels around the world holding crusades and doing great exploits for God.  He ministers through a television show that reaches millions around the world, Winning with Wisdom.  He even developed the curriculum for Biblical Economics for the American Bible College, see the book mentioned above.  I highly encourage you to begin receiving from their ministry, Wisdom Ministries.  Watch the television show.  Read his materials and listen to his messages.  You'll hear the Holy Spirit speaking through him and downloading wisdom right to your spirit.


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