Serving God Should Be Fun

Last Wednesday I led our church children's group, which we call Generation Faith.  My three younger brothers all take part and the comedy ensues whenever they speak.  After making fun of the teacher, the oldest made a profound comment for his sixteen years.  He said (paraphrasing) - why is it so easy for me to watch tv or read non-Christian materials, but so difficult to commit to reading the Bible.

I must admit I was proud of him for this observation.  I know you all have never had this problem, but I have and so I'm sure at least a few other people have too.  Why is it that I can easily sit through a two hour movie, but it would take a serious amount of focus to study God's Word for two hours?  I believe it comes down to original sin, and the fact that our pre-Christian lives influenced us more deeply than we suspect.  But more important than the cause, let's focus on the cure. 

Nothing is more important than God's Word.  Nothing else on earth can give us such wisdom and life.  God's Word is even health to our flesh.  No work of literature has stories more fascinating or beautifully written.  Spending serious time in God's Word helps us prosper and do wisely in life.  (See Joshua 1:8 and Psalm 1)   I didn't know these truths before I came to Christ.  But now, after reading the Word and hearing them preached.  I know them.  I know I must daily meditate God's Word to effectively live Christian. 

But while my brain knows this, my brain has somehow associated this with work.  My brain associates the newspaper and sports with recreation, but it associates God's Word, church, service activities, and all the like, with work.  And I don't mean "work" in a physical labor sense, but these things are often viewed as unfun or task-like responsibilities.  They are not viewed as recreational, relaxing, or fun.  But this is wrong.

The truth is that God is the coolest being in existence.  God invented fun.  God invented recreation.  God said we should labor to enter His rest.  Nothing should be more fun or relaxing or enjoyable than spending time in God's Word and presence.  So now we need to rewire our brain this way.   We must first decide that the above statements are true.  We must then confess that in Jesus' Name, we decide that God's Word and presence are awesome and fun and relaxing and we love to be in Them.  That is one of the beautiful liberties of Christianity.  I can believe whatever I decide to believe.  I can decide whatever I want to decide.  And when my beliefs and decisions are in line with God's Word, then all of Heaven backs them up.

Now I am choosing to delight myself in the Lord, knowing that He gives me the desires of my heart.  I then begin to walk by faith.  I decided reading the Bible is fun, so I start reading the Bible.  No, I may not enjoy it much at first or feel any differently, but God is with me.  The Word will open like never before.  God will comfort me and strengthen my mind.  Overtime I will enjoy the Word more and more, as it lives more and more in me.  The same process applies to church.  I love God with all my everything, and I still find myself looking at the clock on Sundays.  I must change my thinking.  Church is fun, church is great, I love church.  I love serving others, I love being there late just to fellowship, and so on.  Job 22:28 says if you decree a thing it will be established.

We need to renew our minds to the goodness of God and His Word.  Renew your mind to the true fun of God.  Use Spiritual weapons to renew your mind, and cast down every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.  Spend more time with Him, and you will grow to love every second in His presence and His Word.


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