Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

I first learned about Kenneth Copeland through the ministry of Dr. Creflo Dollar. Dr. Dollar considers Brother Copeland his father in the faith, and Dr. Dollar talks often of him and their fellowship. I then learned that my mother had some old tapes from Brother Copeland, so I began listening. I also downloaded a free book from his website, The Laws of Prosperity.

I believe Brother Copeland and his wonderful wife, Gloria, are two of the most precious ministry gifts the Body of Christ has today.  You see I know that Christians could differ on so many topics, and I want this to be a place where we can discuss things in love and fellowship. But if we only talk about things without controversy, we'll end up not talking about very much. I believe that the end times are here, largely because of the current revelation I see given to the Body of Christ.

Today we see God's people with a greater understanding of "the believer's priesthood," than ever before. More than ever we understand that Christians are the children of God, and that the very life of God flows through their veins. This revelation began returning to the Body of Christ around one hundred years ago, with Dr. Kenyon and Kenneth Hagin really spreading it abroad. (There were others, but we won't mention them all here.)

That revelation came to Brother and Sister Copeland, and now they have carried it around the world, and added much to it. They teach us about the glory that God wants to give us, the love God has for us, the power of our Christian faith, and so many other wonderful topics. We now begin to see Christians beginning to act like Christians should. Not broke, busted and disgusted, but risen, shining, wise, prosperous, and anointed with the Holy Ghost and power.

The glory God wants to see in the church, that will be manifest to all the world, must be preached to the Church before it can be seen in the Church. Kenneth and Gloria have that mantel, and they wear it boldly and tirelessly. Their spiritual and biological children will carry it after them. They preach God's Word,and build our faith, and the Body is growing to maturity.

Ephesians 4 says we will have ministry gifts until we "all come in the unity of The Faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ." The Copelands do whatever they can to raise the body to maturity and edify us worldwide. They are generals in the Faith. They are warriors for Christ. And they are loving symbols of His glory.

Yes, I know much has been said about them these days, but the critics don't know them or sit under their ministry. Go to the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Website. Watch some of their meetings online. See their heart for yourself. You'll see they long for the true worship of God like all good Christians. You'll see they are worthy of our admiration and our thanksgiving to God for them.


  1. This is a beautiful post.I l love Kenneth Copeland with all my heart! He has thought me me God's word and today I am a big time success!


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