E.W. Kenyon

E.W. Kenyon lived from 1867 to 1948.  He has mightily influenced thousands of believers through his churches, radio ministry, Bible Institutes and books.  His books especially continue to bless believers worldwide.

I would call these books invaluable for a believer, especially a new believer.  Kenyon goes through great detail to show the realities, abilities and availabilities of the deeper spiritual life.  He releases powerful revelations concerning all the effects of our redemption through Christ.  He also helps believers understand the workings of faith, healing and other spiritual operations.

Young Christians should spend a great deal of time studying the Bible.  They should also take the time to read books written by Christian leaders.  These books help Christians quickly understand Spiritual principals and their application to daily lives.  Moreover, the testimonies and stories help one grow and mature in the faith while reading of the joy a life serving Christ brings.

I would like to specifically mention Kenyon's book, "The New Kind of Love."  We will probably be reading and rereading this wonderful book for years to come.  Nowhere have I seen Christian love more powerfully explained and promoted than in this book.  Christians must begin to love properly, sacrificially showing God's love for everyone.  Read this book and begin living in the new love life as God wants you to.  This and other books make great personal reads or Bible study group texts.  I highly recommend all his books.

To learn more about E.W. Kenyon, or to purchase any of his materials, visit the website for Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Society.


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