Do Whatever God Says

I thought today about some choices we have when we want something from God.  Let's say you have neck pain and want God to heal you, or at least you want Him to help the doctor. The traditional church taught you to pray and hope and have faith, then maybe God would answer your request.  Now the church teaches other options, all of which have a Biblical foundation, including: lay hands on yourself, have an elder lay hands on you, confess your healing, confess healing Scriptures, meditate the Word, pray, sow a seed, pray for another's neck healing, and so on. 

Right now Christians can have information overload.  I once heard two Christians arguing over whom would get the blessing when my dad tried to give a police officer a few dollars for helping him unlock a car door.  They couldn't figure it out. Christian living shouldn't be so complicated.  While the church tries to fatten us on information and Scripture, we can choke from a lack of general understanding and understanding of practical application.  

Now, for example, let's talk about my neck.  1 Peter 2:24 says that "by [Jesus] stripes, [we] were healed."  So that means Jesus already provided for my neck's healing 2,000 years ago on the cross.  (I know not everyone believes God wants us to have perfect physical bodies.  I believe that.  But if you don't, read on anyway, I still think this will help you.)  So last week my neck really hurt, and I considered what to do.  I then remembered some recent teaching from Dr. Creflo Dollar.

After consulting with Jesus about the wedding's lack of wine in John 2, Mary told the servants to do whatever Jesus said.  He told them to do something totally bizarre, fill the washing pots with water and take it to the master of the feast. They did so and that water became the best tasting wine ever (I'll bet).  Well that is a powerful message for the church today, and the Word I give you.  Whatever God tells you to do, do it.  This direction is the key for your prayer's answer, the seed you must sow for the harvest you desire. 

Back to my neck.  I knew my alternatives.  I could sow a seed, pray for myself, take medicine, see a doctor, confess healing scriptures or do several other things.  One day during this time, however, I went for coffee with a respected Christian friend.  During that meeting I clearly heard God tell me to ask him to lay hands on my neck and pray for its healing.  I had to humble myself before him and request this, which I wasn't wild about doing.  But I did so and he graciously obliged.  He then prayed for several minutes, talking about the joints lining up with the bones and marrow and etc.  I'm sure he did a great job, but I really don't remember what he said.  That wasn't the point.  I heard God tell me to do something, and I did it, and now I knew my neck would be healed.  It didn't matter what my Christian brother prayed.

As I drove away my neck still hurt badly.  I thought maybe it hadn't worked.  But I remembered that God had told me to do this.  That is the key.  When you pray for something, as Mary essentially prayed to Jesus for more wine, wait and listen for God to tell you what to do.  Then do it.  This action will always produce Divine results.  Now, four days later, the pain is completely gone.  Praise the Lord. I'm not tempted to crack my neck. I'm not even thinking about my neck.

I believe the way to open yourself up to God's voice in an area is by meditating on the written Biblical Word covering that area.  Spending time in the written Word of God opens your heart to hearing the spoken Word from God.  So whatever your situation, spend time with God about it.  Pray to Him, read and meditate the relevant Scriptures, then listen for His voice.  When He tells you what to do you can have confidence that the thing is done in the Spiritual realm.  Now it's out of God's hands.  You must do what God said.  Do that and then stand in faith about it.  You will surely have whatever your petition.  Glory to God. 


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