Covenant Christian Center of Tampa

Covenant Christian Center of Tampa is Byron and Shannon's home church. 

Pastored by Byron's father and stepmother, Pastors Kevin and Gaile Howell, "CCC of Tampa" provides a nondenominational platform for the Word of God to reign supreme and the Holy Spirit to move freely.

Pastors Kevin and Gaile have a wide variety of Spiritual influences that God uses to help build this church.  They are active partners with both Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Creflo Dollar Ministries, and from these Spiritual leaders the Pastors truly learned about the authority of God's Word.  Pastor Kevin preaches the anointed, unadulterated Word of God.  He spends much personal time meditating God's Word, and therefore his sermons often include powerful, Scripture-based revelations of the Text. 

They also know that "true worshipers" must worship in both Truth and Spirit.  For several years they served Doctors Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne at The River at Tampa Bay Church.  Doctor Rodney hails from South Africa and has a church and worldwide evangelism ministry based here in Tampa, FL.  Dr. Rodney's meetings truly exhibit the flow and leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Powerful miracles and an outpouring of the Spirit, often evidenced by the "joy unspeakable" and Holy Spirit laughter, often accompany the preaching of God's Word and anointed music ministry.  Here Pastors Kevin and Gaile learned about the leadership, unction, flow and power of the Holy Spirit, which are now indispensable parts of their ministry.

Find out more about this church, listen to archived sermons, and even watch the services live, at the website for Covenant Christian Center of Tampa.


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