Hand of Hope

Hand of Hope is the international ministry/outreach arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. 

EFG greatly admires Joyce Meyer and all of her ministry's works.  But last November at a conference in Tampa, FL, Byron and Shannon really learned about all of Joyce's international efforts.  They immediately decided to partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries, and they have been exceedingly blessed in doing so.  EFG wants to see all the nations reached with the salvation and loving power of Jesus Christ.  Hand of Hope does just that.  Hand of Hope currently has many programs, and we will share a few of them here. 
  • They feed thousands with both Spiritual food and natural food in many countries, including Ethiopia, Mexico, South Africa, and India.
  • They see God heal the sick through the preaching of faith, the laying on of hands, and practical, natural medicine.  They have medical outreaches in places such as Cambodia, Haiti, India, Africa, and South America. 
  • They bless and protect God's precious children, victims and refugees through their homes and programs in places like Uganda, Thailand and Peru.
  • They also do many of these same works here in the USA, blessing those in need right here at home.  I once heard Dr. Creflo Dollar say, "you want God to send you to the nations, but God can't send you to Kroger (local food mart)."  We must be sensitive to the ministry opportunities right here at home, as is Joyce Meyer Ministries.
  • Also Joyce Meyer Ministries partners with many local ministries when doing these great works abroad.  They truly have a unity spirit when it comes to the Body of Christ.  These joint efforts are working to create the unified - worldwide Church that EFG believes God desires.
They do all of this and more in the name of Jesus Christ.  Joyce Meyer Ministries is undoubtedly doing great exploits for God.  We have been given so much, we must give back.  These outreach programs stir our faith and exhort us to do more.  We hope they do the same for you.  Check out the awesome and jam packed websites for Joyce Meyer Ministries and Hand of Hope to learn more or get involved. 


  1. I am a partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries and it's a great feeling to know that WE are helping so many people! I'm thankful to God for an opportunity to be a blessing!

  2. Thank you R.L.Scovens, you're absolutely right. As I read your comment I saw that truth more clearly than ever. As partners with Joyce Meyer Ministries, "WE."


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