About Byron Howell Ministries, Inc.

Byron Howell Ministries is a ministry about honoring God and encouraging Christians to do great works for God and His people.  God still uses people to do awesome works in the world today.  The ministry of Jesus lives on through His Body, the collection of Christians.

The Bible tells us to rise and shine, for our light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon us.  (Isa 60:1).  We know that many Christians do wonderful works all over the earth.  But we also know that many Christians do nothing.  Sadly, we have been there, knowing we should do something yet doing nothing.  Well, no more!  We are going to do the good works God has before ordained that we should walk in, and we are going to encourage others to do the same.  We believe that a person truly begins to live the abundant life God has for them when that Christian begins truly living God's will for his or her life. 

We believe The Holy Bible to be the Divinely inspired and written Word of God. Biblical study and meditation is the key to holy and successful living. We will endeavor to help Christians in their Bible study by providing links to helpful sights which honor God and promote Biblical wisdom. Other links will direct visitors to anointed ministries with various focuses. In these last days God has called and anointed many leaders. The book of Ephesians says God provides ministry gifts that will edify and promote the Body.We want to help spread the word about them. Lastly some links will direct Christians to other Christian materials and resources of all types. We believe Christianity is for every part of life. Christians worldwide are taking Godliness and Biblical Principals into every business and endeavor under the sun. 

Byron grew up in Tampa, Florida.  Byron first asked Jesus into his heart in the third grade.  During his early childhood he attended Faith Covenant Fellowship, pastored by Reverend George Brooks, with his parents.  There he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirits.  While he attended a Catholic high school, Byron and his family began attending The River at Tampa Bay, pastored by Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne.  There Byron was truly introduced to the Global Body of Christ and the idea of flowing with the Holy Spirit. 

Shannon grew up in Orlando, Florida. During her youth her family regularly attended a Methodist church.  Shannon received Jesus as her Lord and Savior at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. 

Byron and Shannon met through mutual friends while attending the University of Florida.  During the Spring of 2013 they began attending Victory Church pastored by Pastor Bill Deconna.  There they began worshiping the Lord together. 

After college Byron and Shannon moved to Atlanta where they attended World Changers Church International, pastored by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar.  While Byron and Shannon loved God when they first walked onto the WCCI campus, it was there they truly began to understand what serving Him meant.  Dr. Dollar taught them about the integrity of God's Word, holiness, authority, power, prosperity, and many other Godly topics.  They completed the New Member classes there and were baptized again in The WCCI Chapel.  At WCCI Shannon first received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Dr. Dollar also introduced them to the teachings of many other anointed teachers, such as Kenneth Copeland, Gregory Dickow, Jimmy Evans, Bill Winston, and more.

After Byron finished law school in Atlanta they were married and moved to Tampa.  There they began attending, Covenant Christian Center of Tampa, pastored by Byron's father, Kevin Howell.  After several years God instructed Byron and Shannon to join Grace Family Church, also in Tampa.

Today Byron and Shannon are very blessed to have Grace Family Church as their home church and also to be involved in ministry there.  Byron teaches the Wednesday Night Bible Study alongside Coach Tony Dungy, and Shannon helps in the women's ministry, Beautiful. 

God has blessed Byron and Shannon with travels around the world.  Besides their honeymoon in Tahiti and trips to Western Europe and Australia, God sent them to Africa twice.  There they have visited South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Egypt.  Through all these travels God further introduced Byron and Shannon to the global Body of Christ.  They are learning about the importance of global Bodily unity, and the different manifestations of God's glory worldwide.  God is also showing them the different oppositions to Christianity that must be overcome.

They are also heavily involved with Schools for Haiti, a ministry which currently operates five Christian schools in Haiti for over 1,000 children.  Byron has also begun preaching at revival meetings in Haiti.

Byron and Shannon know that Jesus is the only Name by which man can be saved.  They desire to see all people come to the saving knowledge which is in Jesus Christ.  They also believe that Christians are God's children, and that God wants the best for His children.  They believe God has provided for them, through Jesus, healing, prosperity, power, love, and all good things.  The believe that no good thing will God withhold from them who walk uprightly.  Byron and Shannon believe God for the salvation of all people, and that all people can experience God's goodness in every way.

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