The Final Evolution For Humanity

As we have discussed a number of times, humans are spirit, soul and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23).  Your spirit is the real you, the eternal you.  It can’t be seen but it is your true life.  Your spirit lives in a body, your flesh, and this flesh is temporal and will die.  Finally, you have a soul.  Your soul is your mind, will and emotions.  Your soul fundamentally emanates from your brain, but it also creates the bridge between your spirit and your flesh.  Many people only think about their flesh and their soul (again, mind, will and emotions).  They don’t think we have any eternal spiritual reality, or they don’t worry about it very much. However, one of the master keys to the highest expression of the human existence, indeed, the highest expression of your personal human experience, is in embracing your spiritual reality.  Last time I talked about our new reality in Christ, and I highly encourage you to listen to that podcast or read that post.  Understanding how God remakes us a

Your New Reality

I once heard a Pastor talking about a subject he called “New Creation Realities.”  He was talking about all that happens to us when we receive Jesus Christ.  At one point he exclaimed, “And it’s a reality!”  While this statement may have sounded redundant to all he had said already, he was making a very important point that we all need to hear.  What the Bible says about you, especially what is says about you spiritually in Christ, is in fact, your reality.  You cannot see it.  You cannot feel it.  But it is just as real as anything else about you.  We must understand it, accept it, and live by it.  Many of you have probably taken an “Identity in Christ” class or something like that.  Those are great classes.  We have to learn what the Bible says about us, and about who we are in Christ.  I find that most people, even those who are very aware of their identity in Christ, fail to allow this understanding to impact their daily lives.  And maybe this is one of the overarching themes of

How To Be Led By God’s Peace

Last time we talked about knowing God’s will, and I explained that God wants you to know His will and there are various ways we begin learning it.  Just to recap a little bit, one of the major ways we know God’s will is through His written Word.  The Bible explains virtually all of God’s general will for our lives and His general directions for correct living.  The Bible teaches us how to treat people, how to work, how to treat our bodies, and how to have a vibrant relationship with God, for examples.  The Bible also teaches us how to learn God’s specific will, where we should live, where we should work, who we should marry, and things like that.  The major way we learn God’s specific will is by hearing from God through His Biblical communication methods.  As you begin praying, reading your Bible, and worshipping, you are tuning into God’s frequency and you will begin hearing from God.  God will speak to you and guide you into His specific will for your life.  I also explained last

You Can Know God’s Will

Some years ago I was invited to teach the “Foundations” class for the men’s ministry at my church.  We developed a new study guide for the class, to help the members really learn the basics of the Christian Faith.  (By the way, I’m happy to send this to study guide to you, just let me know).  So I spent a few months and went back through the core doctrines and verses that teach the key Christian principles.  While I had read all these verses before, I came away with a new and very important revelation – ignorance of God’s will is totally unbiblical.  To put it another way, God never wants us to lack knowledge of His will.  We can and should know God’s will at all times.  God has a will for our lives.  God wants certain things in our lives, and God does not want other things in our lives.  God’s will for our lives does not automatically come to pass, we need to learn His ways and His will and then work with God to see His will become our reality.  Maybe you don’t believe that last sen

You Can Start Having Adventures for God’s Kingdom

Life with God should be fun and adventurous.  God has an amazing plan for your life, and it involves relationships, places, works, family, excitement and more.  Maybe it’s hard for you to believe that when considering your current situation.  But don’t worry about that.  Today can be the first day of the rest of your life (I say that to myself all the time when I’m feeling down).  The key is that we just need to focus on our relationship with God so we can start listening to His directions for our lives.  We can develop an exciting existence for God's Kingdom. Sure, God wants church to be a big part of our lives.  By church, I don’t necessarily mean the building where you go to sing songs to God or hear a teacher.  I really mean the group of believers God wants in your life.  You may find that group at a local building.  You may start volunteering for some of the projects at that building.  You may go places with those people.  Your local church is a great way to meet other Chris