How To Stop Sinning

Last week we discussed the secret to inner peace and how to have true inner harmony within yourself.  As you may recall I focused on the relationship between our born again human spirit, which is perfect before God in every way, and our soul (mind, will and emotions).  I believe that if we can succeed internally then we will begin to succeed externally.  I also believe that having a unified experience of self, if you will, where your spirit, soul and body are in harmony, is a master key to experiencing all that God has for your life. I want to take a few minutes today and talk about how to stop sinning and start obeying God in every area of your life.  I hate talking about sin, but I love talking about obeying God, and you will see why. Many of us grew up learning that we need to avoid sin and that if we sin God will punish us.  That is not true.  If you are a Christian, there is no more punishment for your sin that you will ever experience.  Jesus took all the punishment for every

The Secret to True Inner Peace

This is the first message in a series where I am going to discuss inner peace, fulfillment and dominating life, all of these sort of around the theme of succeeding in life.  I believe that God wants us to succeed and dominate in every area of our lives.  I know not everyone believes that, but it’s the truth.  I want to get there and I want to help other people get there. We will discuss really dominating life another day, but a simple look at some of Jesus’ statements would back me up: all things are possible to those who believe, nothing shall by any means hurt you, ask anything of God in My Name and He will do it for you, speak to a mountain and it will move, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, etc. etc.  If we just took these statements and believed them a huge part of our outlook on life would change. Regarding success, I used to think that if I found what God wanted me to do then that would solve all my problems and I would be happy and successful.  But I real

The Key to Answered Prayers – Live by Faith Part 3

I once heard a man say that he probably went 10 years without a single prayer being answered.  I know some of us have felt like that.  It’s not that we necessarily blame God or get mad at Him, we just don’t feel like it’s working.  We don’t feel that things are going the way they should.  We wonder if God is hearing us, and so we start looking for answers in the wrong places, or we stop focusing on prayer.  Prayer should be a virtually constant part of our existence.  God hears 100% of our prayers, and we should see the manifested answers to all of them.  There are times when we are praying for something that wouldn’t be good (marrying a particular person, for example).  If that’s the case, then we should be able to hear God tell us.  But let’s not get into that today.  Today let’s focus on prayers that are in line with God’s Biblical promises.  When you are praying for something God has promised, the answer is, always and already, “yes.”  We should see all of God’s promises in our l

God's Frequency

Why do so many people fail to hear from God clearly and consistently?  The answer is that they are not tuned into His frequency and listening according to His communication methods. God does not regularly speak according to our human communication methods.  Maybe once in a lifetime will you hear God’s audible voice.  God is probably not going to speak to you through animals and you probably won’t see an angel in your bedroom.  While it’s possible God could divinely cause a Facebook ad or television commercial to hit your screen, those are not Biblical communication methods and should be considered unreliable, at best.   Even hearing God through other people has become drastically overemphasized in the lives of most Christians. Rather, God uses the frequency of the Spirit and Biblical communication methods.  Trust me, understanding this is the master key to hearing from God clearly and consistently.  You are just not used to thinking this way.  Give me a few minutes and I will tell

The Secret of Life

The secret of life is found in Matthew 6:33, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He (God) will give you everything you need.”  Wait, don’t stop reading, it’s true.  I know you’ve probably heard that before, especially if you are in the church world.  But it’s the truth, it’s a wonderful, amazing, incomparably important truth, and if you will apply it to your life, you will have everything you could ever want.  I don’t mean only material things, although those are included, I’m talking about peace, fulfillment, purpose, relationships, hope, passion, and everything that really matters in life.   They, in their greatest expression, are only available to you in the Kingdom of God, and they are freely available.  The vast majority of the church world does not present God or life with God accurately.  It’s just the sad truth.  For most of us, even for those of us who are in great churches, our whole mental framework regarding God and living for God was so bad

The Election Is Over - Now Rise and Shine

As we all know, Joe Biden became the President of the United States of America yesterday.  Many Christians are not happy about this.  But regardless of who is in the oval office today, I want to encourage you for the rest of 2021 and beyond.  The directions and promises of the Bible are not dependent on the governing system in your particular country of residence.  In fact, the greatest commandments and truths of the Bible are totally independent from the worldly government where you live. 2020 was a tough year.  We had the shutdowns, the economic hardships, the riots, the disease (by now we probably all know many people who contracted COVID-19), and more.  And if all of that wasn’t enough, we had a presidential election that was basically contested for 3 months, all the way from Election Day to the inauguration.  I don’t know about you, but all of those things definitely took my focus off of the Kingdom of God a number of times.  However, now we can take a deep breath.  Maybe ther